The Orrery Pendant

The Orrery Pendant

Pendant in sterling silver

Coin - Orrery Pendant
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EUR 89.00
22g Sterling Silver
1 1/16" x 4mm  -   27 x 4mm disk

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Delivery includes a 2mm leather strap black or natural color.
You can cut the a 39 inch / 1m leather strap yourself
or order it in the right length with clasp.

Pendant with individual planet positions.
A very special present.
I only need your birthday  or any other day
to create your special lucky charm.

Planetposition 01/01/2000
Position of the planets on
1 January 2000

The Copernican cosmological principle:
The sun appears in the center of the orrery.
The orrery shows a "plane view" of the solar system,
the view from directly above the sun`s north pole
(heliocentric latitude 90° north, as astronomers phrase it).
Find out the positions of your "Birthday Planets" at John Walker`s
Solar System Live
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Solar System Live

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