Amun Bitcoin Suisse ETP

The world's first Bitcoin and Ether CHF-denominated ETP

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The Amun Bitcoin Suisse ETP (ticker: ABBA) seeks to track the investment results of an index composed of Bitcoin and Ether based on market capitalizations. The results are denominated in Swiss Francs (CHF).


The Amun Bitcoin Suisse ETP (ABBA) aims to track the financial performance of Bitcoin and Ethereum, weighting them based on current market capitalization to ensure an accurate representation of the current Bitcoin and Ethereum crypto market.


The Bitcoin Suisse Vault offering is based on the Swiss Crypto Vault AG solution, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bitcoin Suisse AG based in Switzerland. Swiss Crypto Vault AG is a technology provider for the hyper secure storage of crypto assets. It developed a proprietary hyper secure cold storage concept applying the highest standards of cryptographic,IT and physical security as well as multi-signing processes. It leverages Bitcoin Suisse AG's multi-year track record of crypto asset experience and its technology division containing software, infrastructure and security specialists focusing on blockchain technology. The Swiss Crypto Vault solution is regularly reviewed by auditors and the key generation process was overseen by independent and reputable third parties.


For the Swiss by the Swiss

For the Swiss by the Swiss: The ABBA ETP is issued by two of the leading Swiss crypto financial services companies, custodied in Switzerland and traded in Swiss francs on the Swiss SIX Stock Exchange.

Buy the Market

Buy the Market: The basket of BTC and ETH gives investors exposure to over 75% of the overall crypto market.

Premier issuance and administration platform

Premier issuance and administration platform: Premier issuance and administration platform: ABBA is administered via the Onyx Platform which utilizes state-of-the-art technology to handle investments of digital assets.

Most promising blockchains

Most promising blockchains: Most promising blockchains: The Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain are leading in terms of network usage, development and community engagement.

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