SIX Swiss Exchange

Crypto Tracking ETPs

Amun makes investing in crypto assets as easy as buying a stock. Investors can invest in crypto easily, safely, and in a regulated way on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

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The perfect way of investing in the crypto asset class

Listed security

Gain exposure to crypto with Amun, a listed security that will derive its value from the price of the top 5 crypto assets.

Swiss based

Based in Switzerland, a bastion of international finance. We offer a safe and reputable base for your crypto investments.

Secure by design

We've partnered up with leaders in crypto storage and use industry leading security processes to safeguard your investments.

Easy Purchases

Crypto investment made easy, with no worrying about the challenges of buying, storing, and managing crypto assets.


Listed on a major stock exchange.

Amun’s ETP will be listed on SIX Swiss Exchange. Based in Zurich, SIX Swiss Exchange is Switzerland's principal stock exchange, trading a wide range of securities and providing significant liquidity in the European capital markets. With a market capitalization of $1.6 trillion, SIX Swiss Exchange is the 4th largest stock exchange in Europe.


Perfectly Swiss, with all the perks.

Amun AG is based in Zug, Switzerland. With its traditions of international neutrality, national sovereignty and regulatory stability, we believe this is the best jurisdiction in the financial world. You can count on Switzerland's privacy, neutrality, and stability when making your crypto investments.

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Highly secure from the start.

We take the security of the underlying crypto assets very seriously. That's why we partnered with Kingdom Trust, the leader in bitcoin storage, as our Custodian.

Cryptographic security

The Kingdom Trust Vault incorporates multiple layers of the most advanced forms of cryptographic security to secure your bitcoins.

Diversified processes

Safety processes includes multi-factor authentication and private key segmentation between others.

Offline protection

All private and cryptographic keys are physically stored on offline servers that never have and never will have access to the internet.

Geographically dispersed

Vaults are located deep underground and are located across three different continents. Deep cold storage + geographical protection.

Jurisdictional safety

Because of the geographical dispersion of data, if a government or entity seizes assets in one place, other locations wouldn't be compromised.

Delayed protection

Any withdrawals require substantial verification and a delay of at least 48 hours. This friction ensures that fraudulent movements are stopped.


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