Amun Crypto Basket Index

The world's first crypto index exchange-traded product (ETP)

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The Amun Crypto Basket Index ETP (ticker: HODL) seeks to track the investment results of an index composed of top 5 crypto currencies ranked by market capitalization.


The Amun Crypto Basket Index ETP (HODL) seeks to capture evolution of large cap crypto market.


Kingdom Trust is a privately-held independent qualified custodian established in 2010 after being granted a trust charter by the South Dakota Division of Banking and provides custody and escrow solutions for advisors, family offices, financial institutions, marketplace lending and individuals. As of February 2017, the firm had over 100,000 clients and U.S.$12 billion of assets under management.

The Kingdom Trust platform aims to reduce risks commonly seen in third party security software solutions through security protocols and combines audited policies and procedures and best-in-class technology into an insurable safekeeping solution through a regulated financial institution.

Offline Protection

Kingdom Trust uses a cold storage security platform designed to provide ultra-cold security of the digital assets held by Kingdom Trust. All private and cryptographic keys are held physically stored on offline servers that never have and never will have access to the internet.

Cryptographic Security

The platform incorporates multiple layers of the most advanced forms of cryptographic security to secure crypto.

Mutiple private keys: The use of multiple private keys makes retrieving Crypto Assets from the wallet more difficult, and aims to further reduce the risk of hacking theft and/or robbery. All private keys are securely stored using high-quality encryption in offline hardware vaults in secure environments. No customers or third parties are given access to the Custodian’s private keys.

Whitelisting: Transactions are only sent to vetted, known parties. The Custodian must pre-approve and test Wallet addresses before transactions are initiated, with assets only sent to pre-approved addresses.

Audit Trails: Audit trails exist for all movement of Products within Custodian-controlled Crypto Asset Wallets, with each entry regularly audited for accuracy.

Dedicated Wallets: Assets are held in dedicated wallets with no comingling amongst different users.



Securitization: Amun ETP is accessible like stocks on a major exchange with no special set up needed.

Buy the Market

Buy the Market: Exposure to 75% of the crypto assets market that rebalances monthly to follow to the evolution of the crypto space.


Collateralization: Amun holds the underlying crypto assets in cold storage equal to 100% of the value of the notes at all times.


Safety: Institutional grade security and custody solution using a variety of safety measures including cold-storage, multiple private keys, whitelisting and audit trails.

A Closer look at Amun Crypto Basket Index (HODL5)

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